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Friday, October 22, 2010

Electric toothbrush : Philips sonicare vs Oral B

First - Check below videos to see how Electric brush works and how to use it:
How to brush using Oral B video

General - how to brush using electric toothbrush

Philps sonicare toothbrush working/review

Main Observations:
a) Philips Sonicare is based on vibration. While Oral B is typical spinning brush
used by dentist during cleaning.
b) Sonicare requires normal brushing technique while with Oral B you just move the brush. (less work).But it may be tough to brush certain areas.

NOTE: Per bbc there is only slight difference between electric and manual tech. The osciallation brush like Oral B may be better then Sonicare per this article:

Main Conclusion:  Hence - Sonicare may be better for person with sensitive teeth(and kids version
is great with music ).  Even though Oral B has low sensitive (low power)mode - it may be better
to get normal Crest(or other battery brushes) if you are using only sensitive mode.
For normal adult teeth - Oral B is recommended for others(adults not having sensitive teeth). I personally tried Oral B - and I thought it cleaned very well - and at the end of brushing - my mouth looked like I came after (6 months) dentist cleaning. I however thought that i still need to use normal brush every 3 days as its hard to use it in certain areas.

One of the factors in buying decision should be cost and availability of replacement heads. I found cheaper replacement brush (equate ?) for Oral B at walmart(but I could not find it for Philips Sonicare)

Other stuff:
a) Check if the brush has different brushing modes/power.(eg some old sonicare models will have only one mode)
b) Check if UV cleaning is bundled.(it is not required but good to have - as seen in sonicare)

Electric Tooth Brush vs Battery Brush like CrestB  or Manual Brushingetc:
a) It encourages two minutes brushing(by having timers or sounds or visual diagram of quadrant that you are  brushing). Making noise(can distrub others) however
is easier to use (in Sonicare) compared to wireless visual diagram(oralb)
b) The main difference with "Battery brush" is the power(battery brush have very low rotations and hence they dont rotate/clean as well as electric brushes). You also have to keep on replacing battery with Crest B.
Also "battery brushes" - does not  have bells and whistles like two minute warning, re-charging  etc

Best Deals:
For philips sonicare for kids- I found best deals at Kohls. While for others it was usually at  But you can wait for special deals at walmart etc. The best thing about this brush it emits a sound every 30 seconds to encourage kids to move on to brush other quadrant(4 quadrants). This encourages kids to brush all sections of teeth and ultimately brush for at least 2 minutes.

Other Tips:
a) You STILL HAVE to Floss
b) Get gum guard from your dentist - if you a habit of crunching your teeth at night time.
c) Get "gums between" - as your  floss wont clean stuff properly - if you have big gaps between teeth(especially on lower back teeths)